Pniël Cultural and Environmental Tours


Break away from the usual wine tasting and discover or explore the beauty of a small missionary town Pniel, close to Stellenbosch with a unforgettable scenic moderate hike in the mountains of the Dwarsriver valley . We over 3 main products. They are hiking to Pniel Silver mine caves in the Simonsberg mountain, Kylemore Ostrich Kloof waterfalls in the Banhoek Concervancy and the Lanquedoc Devils Kloof waterfalls also in the Banhoek Concervancy. Ideal for people who loves a early 4 hour hike and lovely food or wine tasting after the hike. We also over pick up and drop off services.
R250 – R350
Pniël Congregational Church

About us

I am Uhlan Lackay, a nature, culture and haritage lover of Pniël. I am a mathematic and Science teacher for 27 years and have been doing educational tours and hiking for 26 years. I have been hiking for 38 years. I have a Higher Diploma in Education with subjects like Geography, Biology, Physical science and Mathematics, a B.Ed Honours Degree in Learning Support, Master’s Degree in Community Support and an Advance Diploma in Intermediate Phase Mathematics. I am a local residents of Pniël with deep family roots to the founding freed slave founders of the town. I am a family man and believe in spending quality time with my family and my guests on a tour. I believe in the protection of my culture, heritage and environment and gladly share it with my guests. I actively do charity and educational hiking tours with organisations like Stelcare, Eye on the Child, the Department of Social Development, Spin for Charity NPO 043/268, church groups and historical disadvantages community. I am also a chess lover and qualified chess arbiter. I can conduct blitz chess tournaments during breaks on a hike. Some of my strengths are my honesty, caringness, integrity, loyalty, good communication skills, humour, patience, passion, generosity, reliability, kindness, humbleness, organized and punctuality. I have an in-depth knowledge of Pniël, Simonsberg mountain, Groot -Drakenstein mountain and the Dwarsriver. I am a qualified culture guide and nature guide and are working to get my mountain and adventure guide qualification. I am an enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable guide of the Dwarsriver valley and will share my knowledge during the hiking tour on an engaging interactive and entertaining ways.

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