Oldenburg Vineyards


Situated in an elevated valley of outstanding beauty, Oldenburg Vineyards is surrounded by a spectacular mountain amphitheatre. At the heart of the farm lies Rondekop – our iconic, round hill which influences the vineyards planted on and around it, creating our extraordinary terroir. 8 Kilometres from Stellenbosch, on the road to Franschhoek, you will find us off the beaten track, at the end of a gravel road that leads deep into the Banghoek Valley. Our unique location benefits from the confluence of 8 Natural Elements, creating distinctive terroir and allowing us to make wines that truly reflect their origins. Our philosophy is less is more – our intervention in the vineyards is minimal, allowing the grapes to benefit from the influence of our cool climate, diverse soils and mountain terroir. The natural beauty of our surroundings inspire us to practice sustainability in every step of our approach.

About Us

One of our founding principles and central to our mission is working with our staff and local community to create a progressive environment for each. We believe that it is important for us to play our part, with the goal of creating a meaningful and positive impact to their lives.