Banhoek Chilli Oil


You can now taste and experience the perfect bite of flavour, Banhoek Chilli Oil, in our family-friendly taste kitchen with a menu perfectly designed to showcase the amazing versatility of YOUR KITCHEN ESSENTIAL

About Us

We first met Sibongile Mateyisi when he arrived one day with our garden maintenance company, another one of the countless casual labourers seeking work, and a wage, across South Africa each day. But it didn’t take long before we saw that his energy, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn were wasted behind the handles of a wheelbarrow. Local economic empowerment is at the core of Banhoek Chilli Oil, so we brought Sibongile into the fold; training him in the production of Banhoek Chilli Oil, which was then being made in our home production facility. Unsurprisingly, he flourished, and within two short years he was in charge of the entire production process, transforming sacks of raw chillies into the delicious infused oil you find in your pantry today. It was then that he approached Ken Kinsey-Quick, founder of Banhoek Chilli Oil with a simple request: to invest in the company with his own hard-earned salary. We were thrilled that he wanted to build his future alongside the company, and immediately welcomed him as one of the shareholders. What’s more, we have matched his investment rand for rand, increasing his stake in the future success of Banhoek Chilli Oil into the future. Just like the fiery chillies that flavour our award-winning oil, from small seeds come great things! At Banhoek Chilli Oil we care just as much about our local community as we do about our chillies. To this end we have structured our business to ensure sustainable and responsible business practices that help to uplift the surrounding area.