Welcome to Dwarsrivier! A playground for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and lovers of culture and wine in the celebrated Cape Winelands.
Stunning mountain and valley landscapes serve as a soul-stirring 360-degree backdrop for a range of enriching indoor and outdoor experiences that will suit many interests and all ages.
These include, among others, wine tasting, easy hiking, guided walks, mountain biking and informative interaction with the local culture and heritage, the latter having been shaped by the tranquil river that runs right through the valley and which has made it fertile ground for agriculture over the centuries.
Many of these experiences are also deeply rooted in contributing to the local community’s economic prosperity and growth, ensuring that guests who visit our valley leave knowing their visit will have an impact long after they’ve returned home, not only on themselves, but for the people of Dwarsrivier who are kind and proud of their heritage.

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