Home Dining Experiences in the Dwarsrivier Valley

Savor the Local Food and Hospitality Tucked away in the breathtaking Dwarsrivier Valley lies a treasure trove of culinary delights and heartwarming hospitality. Here, you’re invited to join local hosts for an unforgettable home dining experience, where every meal is a journey into the richness of local culture, traditions, and the friendly neighbourhood spirit. From […]

Sip, savour and celebrate in the Dwarsrivier Valley

July 2023 You’ll be delighted to learn that Dwarsrivier is home to several award-winning food and wine experiences. The culinary offering is as diverse as it is delicious and gives visitors plenty of opportunities to support local entrepreneurs and initiatives. As you embark on a scenic drive over Helshoogte pass, you will be greeted by […]

Spend a day in the Dwarsrivier Valley

When you cross over the impressive Helshoogte mountain you find yourself in the Dwarsrivier Valley.  This beautiful valley is steeped in culture and history with interesting people and interesting stories. And the stunning mountain and valley landscapes serve as a soul-stirring 360-degree backdrop for a range of enriching indoor and outdoor experiences that will suit […]