Welcome to Dwarsrivier! A playground for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and lovers of culture and wine in the celebrated Cape Winelands.

The Dwarsrivier Valley’s mountain landscapes serve as a soul-stirring 360-degree backdrop for a range of enriching indoor and outdoor experiences that will suit many interests and all ages. This extraordinary settlement was established by freed slaves in the 19th century and today the people of Dwarsrivier are proud to share their unique and moving heritage with you as you step into their homes and neighbourhoods.

Travel to Dwarsrivier and you’ll find inspiration, connection, authenticity and the strength and hospitality of an incredible community. Come for wine tasting, easy hiking, guided walks, mountain biking, unique culture and heritage and extraordinary valley views. You’ll want to linger longer thanks to the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

Dwarsrivier tourism experiences are deeply rooted in contributing to the local community’s economic growth, ensuring that your visit has a meaningful impact directly on the people of Dwarsrivier.

Not only can you enjoy travelling with purpose, but you’ll leave with expectations exceeded, enriched and inspired to share the stories of this breath-taking valley.

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