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Community Development

This project fosters an environmentally aware and proud culture in the Valley. We have grown to the extent that it serves the following significant objectives:

  • We as Dwarsrivier Valley Tourism are proud of our efforts;
  • Foster a sense of communal pride;
  • Clean up the valley and restore its streets to the beautiful sights the legend speak of.

The Dwarsrivier Valley Tourism Initiative was received in February ‘09 with the objective of sustainable and responsible tourism development as a tool to facilitate local economic development and social upliftment. Tourism has massive potential as a stimulant for economic development; social upliftment; conservation of social and natural environments and the restoration of pride and a sense of belonging in our communities.

We as Dwarsrivier Valley Tourism are committed to develop and market the valley successfully as a tourist destination and will persevere in our efforts to conserve the identity and heritage, but also to display this beautiful valley and its unique people as a true reflection of Cape Culture to the world.

As part of our efforts we are implementing an annual program that aims to clean up the environment and facilitate a sense of pride and unity in the Dwarsrivier Valley.

The program will consist of the following:

Pride of the Valley, Project Cleanup

From February – March 2011. The project will involve Kylemore, Pniel Johannesdal and Lanquedoc. It will be a competition for the cleanest and best kept street, and the cleanest and best kept house in the valley. We have indigenous flowers and plant trees sponsored and inspire the communities to cleanup, restore and beautify their streets and houses.

As reward for the winning street we want to host a spit braai for the entire street and give a cash prize of R1000.00 (TBC) to the winning house. During this project we also make available of rubble removal service so that we can remove all unnecessary rubbish in the valley.

The Pumpkin Festival

Although the Dwars River area has numerous wonderful attractions and products just waiting to be developed and explored, the initial strategy will be to create awareness of the area and prepare the soil in terms of marketing. This festival will feature the biggest and greatest exhibits featuring Organic, Natural, Healthy and Eco-Friendly products. Festival goers can enjoy free product samples and gather information while experiencing first-hand how these products and organizations can help you live a better, healthier and “greener” lifestyle and be a positive catalyst for change..

 The festival continues to re-invigorate itself with fresh, new attractions. Next year brings an infusion of emerging, new artists with fresh work and a variety entries, celebrating as the Pumpkin Festival performances by talented young and old artists from Dwarsrivier Valley, a diverse and star-studded line up of entertainment, new food and beverage offerings like pumpkin smoothies and the Comcast production team on-hand to shoot and produce an original 1-hour Pumpkin Festival show.


The Pumpkin Festival will become an annual event and has become a tradition for families and friends who come each year to enjoy one of Pniel’s oldest, biggest and most popular festivals .The Festival is traditionally held on the weekend after February or March during prime pumpkin-picking season.

The festival features rustic pumpkin patches, harvest-inspired arts and crafts, home style foods, blockbuster entertainment on three stages, a Haunted House, giant weigh-off champion pumpkins, world-class pumpkin carvers, children’s contests, and the Great Pumpkin Parade. Admission is free.






The Anna Foundation is a nonprofit organisation working with farm children and unskilled and/or unemployed farm women in disadvantaged and impoverished rural communities in the Boland and Western Cape.

The Anna Foundation also assists disadvantaged schools by providing academic, social and environmental support after school hours and equipping children with skills for lifelong learning.

This is being achieved through literacy, sport and life skills programmes: The “3 R’s: Reading, Running and Right-ing” programme. Solms-Delta and Rustenberg Wines are two of the farms in the Dwarsrivier region on which the Anna Foundation works.


 This programme is based on a philosophy of holistic development and a belief in ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’.


The first hour of the programme focuses on literacy development (Reading). The 3 R’s Curriculum is aimed at children from age 6 – 18 years and is in alignment with the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum. The Anna Foundation integrates their own life themes with each literacy activity to ensure children receive lifelong learning.

 Why Reading?

The Anna Foundation appreciates the importance of being a role player in providing an educational service within rural communities. They acknowledge the challenges faced by the current education system and aim to provide immediate and direct relief for the children with whom they work.


The second hour of the programme focuses on the physical development and wellbeing of the children (Running). The focus is on motor skills development, team building, fitness and play. Children joining the programme form part of their running teams. The teams take part in monthly fun runs.


Why Running?

Sports and Fitness in general has the following direct impact:

 Awareness and commitment to healthy and active life style

 Greater self-worth through accomplishments of personal sports achievements (everyone a winner)

 Helps develop anti-drug attitude

 Constructive use of leisure time

 Improved levels of concentration, control and discipline = impact on school learning results

 Development of teamwork and group cohesion

 Potential future interest/career in sports


The Anna Foundation also teaches and encourages ‘right’ living to the children (Right-ing). The idea of right living refers to right life style, right choices, right attitude, right behaviour: ‘right me’. Their life skills themes coincide with themes taught through the Life Orientation learning area as per the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum.


 Why Righting?

The Anna Foundation believes the greatest tool a child can have is self-worth. A child who grows up believing in their own worth and the worth of their fellow human beings will make decisions in life that compliment this belief. By focusing their approach on positive self-development, community development and giving back, the Anna Foundation hopes to inspire each child to want to make a difference and be an example to others. Hereby all children raised through the programme will truly be worthy ambassadors for their community and their country.



Women from the farming communities are trained to implement the daily running of the 3 R’s programme. The farm ladies work individually with a professional teacher and trainer who assist her with the needed skills and understanding to successfully perform her role at the project. Once a month all farm women and all Anna Foundation staff meet for a training session. Here the farm teachers are taught new skills and given the tools they need for the classroom so that they can feel proud about their role as an educator, enthusiastically grow and grant them with an opportunity to better themselves.

 The Anna Foundation programmes are about building self-worth and self-responsibility. They are passionate about empowering each child and woman to be able to make positive and uplifting life choices for future goals and contributions to South African Society.




The Dwarsrivier Valley

The Dwarsrivier Valley serves as a triumphant example of the way forward. Here we can experience a unique balance between pure historical Cape Culture and modern day lifestyles of wellness, gourmet foods and fine wines. The valley has what it takes to satisfy the humanitarian, the socialite, the nature lover, the historian, the adventurous spirit and certainly the connoisseur.


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