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The Dwarsrivier Valley serves as a triumphant example of the way forward. Here we can experience a unique balance between pure historical Cape Culture and modern day lifestyles of wellness, gourmet foods and fine wines. The valley has what it takes to satisfy the humanitarian, the socialite, the nature lover, the historian, the adventurous spirit and certainly the connoisseur.
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  • 2 to 2 June 2017

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Wine Tours The Freedom Tour A Walking Heritage Tour
Book a wine Tour or use a local “hop on guide“ who will direct you to unique estate. Your guide will share the valley, highlighting the unique history and feel of the area. This Tour highlights the history of freedom in the area, the changes it has brought about and the future it holds for the community as seen through their eyes. The tour highlights the synthese of the various forms of archiecture and how this has neen intergrated into the development of this community
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Member Spotlight

The farm on which Pniël was established, Papiere Molen, houses the Pniel Museum(original farmhouse).




Pniël Museum first opened its doors on May 18th 2013.



The Werf ajacent to the museum is an open public space, which also tells the story of the history and heritage of the Valley’s people.

The Bell Tower, the Ubuntu monument and the Slave Memorial each have their own history and story.


Also a Tea Garden can be visited for delicious treats like light meals and cakes. Eat in or take away also caters for functions.

Visiting hours: Tues- Sat: 10h-17h; Sun: 14h00- 17h00. Closed on Mondays.

Book your tour: 021 885 2645